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Bridges, quay walls, dikes, tunnels, they must be sustainable, economical and safe. This requires an appropriate investigation of the subsoil. The Geotechnics Division (GEO) has the task of investigating the nature and characteristics of the soil and to predict its behaviour. Geotechnical tests and measurements are carried out in the field and in the laboratory to investigate nature, stratification and characteristics of the soil. Our division invests in innovative technologies such as advanced testing and online monitoring.

Geotechnics corporate video

"She is so ingenious, the earth. Capable of mobilizing her particles to masses, to operas and symphonies of mud and subsidences and slides, … "

- From “While the gods were sleeping” by Erwin Mortier


GEO is one of the 3 partners of the Database of the subsoil of Flanders (DOV). This project valorizes the geotechnical, geological, geothermal, hydrological and pedological data in Flanders. The data collected on the soil in Flanders are made available free of charge. DOV opts for an open data policy and operates in accordance with Flemish decrees and international agreements. You can find more info at

Databank Ondergrond Vlaanderen



Within the dikes knowledge group the Geotechnics Division, in cooperation with the Hydraulics Laboratory, is working on the professionalization of dike management in Flanders.
The failure behaviour of the dikes is further explored and innovative dike monitoring techniques are tested. Together with the dike managers agreements are concluded concerning the structuring and management of all relevant dike data, etc.
Furthermore, dike meeting days are organized at which the latest state of current research topics are explained to the different dike managers.


Proefcampagne voor de Oosterweelverbinding in Antwerpen

Het project Oosterweelverbinding behelst het sluiten van de ringweg rond Antwerpen langs de westzijde van de stad.

Dit omvangrijke en complexe infrastructuurwerk bevat een groot aantal kunstwerken met kruisingen en aansluitingen van bestaande wegen, waterwegen en havendokken.

De realisatie van deze nieuwe verbinding zal de verkeersknoop op de bestaande ringweg moeten oplossen.

Measuring vertical strains and temperature with fiber optics in diaphragm walls.

The Geotechnics Division of the Flemish Government uses fiber optics in civil constructions to measure strains and temperature during construction. In the summer of 2016 the construction of a tunnel under an existing road started. In a first phase diaphragm walls were constructed. Those walls will keep the tunnel open during excavation and will function as the future walls of the tunnel. For safety reasons the deformation and stability of these walls are closely monitored. During construction of the diaphragm walls, fiber optics were attached to the reinforcement cage.

Ruimtelijke ordening in de Vlaamse ondergrond? Een verkenningsgesprek.

Ruimtelijke ordening in de Vlaamse ondergrond? Een verkenningsgesprek.Vandaag kijken ruimtelijk planners je veelal vragend of onzeker  aan, wanneer het woord ‘ondergrond’ valt. Voor velen is dit nog een ‘ver-van-mijn-bed’ verhaal, terwijl anderen stilaan aan ondergrondse uitwijkscenario’s voor ons toenemend ruimtegebrek beginnen te denken.