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Lab testing set

Testing and analysisTest methodAccreditation
Determination of grain size distributionThrough SievingISO 9001
Through HydrometerISO 9001
Through Laser DiffractionISO 9001
Determination of organic contentH202 MethodISO 9001
Determination of carbonate contentHydrochloric acid testISO 9001
Determination of consistency limitsDetermination of melting point by Cassagrande apparatusISO 9001
Determination of melting point by ValconusISO 9001
Determination of the plastic limitISO 9001
Determination of densityDensity by weightISO 17025
Determination of water contentWeight loss after drying in drying ovenISO 17025
Determination of particle densityGas pycnometerISO 9001
Determination of settlement and consolidation behaviourCompression test (= oedometer test)ISO 9001
Determination of shear resistanceTriaxial UUISO 17025
Triaxial CUISO 17025
Triaxial UC (= unconfirmed compression)ISO 17025
Triaxial CDISO 17025
Triaxial CU unload/reloadISO 9001
Triaxial CD unload/reloadISO 9001
Triaxial extensionISO 9001
Determination of shear resistanceDirect shearing test CUISO 9001
Direct shearing test CDISO 9001
Determination of undrained shear strengthLab vane testISO 9001
Determination of shear modulus for small deformationsBender testISO 9001
Determination of max. density and optimal water contentProctor testISO 17025
Determination of most loose stateby funnelISO 9001
Determination of penetration resistance on soil sampleIPI testISO 9001
Determination of permeabilityChangeable degradation in permeameterISO 9001
Constant degradation in cell permeabilityISO 17025
Constant degradation in cell triaxial compressionISO 9001
Determination of water soluble chloridesBack titration of filtrateISO 9001

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