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Effect of initial fabric on the undrained response of clean Chlef sand


Located close to the northern collision zone of the African tectonic plate, northern Algeria knew several earthquakes up to date. This is the case of the Chlef region that suffered two serious earthquakes in 1954 and 1980 of magnitudes 6.7 and 7.3 respectively. Liquefaction phenomena occurred in the valley of Chlef river during the last earthquake (Durville & Méneroud, 1982 Durville, J. L., & Méneroud, J. P. (1982). Phénomènes géomorphologiques induits par le séisme d’El Asnam, Algérie, Comparaison avec le séisme de Campanie, Italie. Bull. liaison Labo P. et Ch., 120, juillet-août, 13–23. [Google Scholar]).

Due to the geological history of the Chlef region that is classified by the Algerian seismic codes as an area of high seismicity, a detailed study of the behaviour of soil from this region is a priority.


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