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Problems caused by the presence of hard concre-tions and lithified beds in the subsoil on the realisa-tion of geotechnical investigations and infrastruc-ture projects

ABSTRACT: The presence of hard concretions and lithified beds in the subsoil can cause serious problems during the realisation of infra-structure projects. As these concretions do most often not occur as continuous layers, they also are a real challenge for geotech-nical investigations. This paper gives an overview of geological features and general characteristics of typical hard soil concre-tions in Flanders. Special attentions is paid to the important interaction between geology and geotechnics.

The regional geotechnical database “DOV'

ABSTRACT : Databank Ondergrond Vlaanderen (DOV) aims to be the overall database compiling and offering subsoil information
of Flanders (Belgium). Actual data consist of drillings, CPT, groundwater wells and groundwater supply licences.
Since the introduction of the website, DOV has proved to be a powerful tool in geotechnical design; data
collection form the basis of preliminary design, global inventory and analysis of geotechnical parameters for

Glauconiethoudende zanden

Glauconiet is een kleimineraal dat onder de vorm van donkergroene korrels in heel wat mariene zanden voorkomt. De korrels hebben nagenoeg dezelfde afmetingen als de deeltjes van de zandmatrix waarin ze voorkomen. Doordat glauconiet echter uit kleimineralen bestaat zijn ze veel zachter dan het kwartszand. Glauconiet - korrels kunnen dan ook gemakkelijk vervormd en verbrijzeld worden. Dit heeft een belangrijke impact op de geotechnische eigenschappen en het gedrag van zandgronden met een significant gehalte aan glauconiet.

Comparison of monitoring techniques for measuring deformations in an excavation

ABSTRACT: Active monitoring is often suggested as a method to decrease the required safety coefficients in the design stage of a construction. In order to apply active monitoring, precise, reliable and interpretable measurements of the actual behaviour of the structure and soil-structure interaction are required. To obtain this data, accurate and robust monitoring tools should be available at an acceptable cost. An online monitoring test set-up was realized in a railway-infrastructure project site in Anderlecht (Belgium).

Stability of underwater slopes realized by means of a suction dredger

ABSTRACT : In Flanders (Belgium) large amounts of sands, to be used in the construction and glass industry, are excavated by means of suction dredgers. It showed that for deep excavations the dredging process cannot be modelled by conventional methods. In order to comprehend the process of breaching a laboratory test set up was elaborated and a full scale breaching test was performed.