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Bridges, quay walls, dikes, tunnels, they must be durable, economical and safe. This requires an appropriate examination of the subsoil. The Geotechnical department has the task of investigating the nature and characteristics of the soil and predicting its behaviour. It performs geotechnical testing and measurements in the field and in the laboratory to investigate soil, layer structure and characteristics of the soil.

Database of the subsoil of Flanders. This project leverages the geotechnical, geological, geothermal, hydrological and soil data in Flanders. The data collected on the soil in Flanders are made available free of charge. DOV opts for an open data policy and operates in accordance with Flemish decrees and international agreements. You can find more info at

Field testing

An in situ investigation program consists basicly of a set of cone penetration tests, when necessary completed with borings for soil sampling.
Dependent on the geotechnical problem other specific test can be carried out (field vane tests, infiltration and permeability tests, plate loading tests, …).

Measurements/ Monitoring

For projects of some importance, or where the realization may be critical, monitoring is an important part of the geotechnical investigation program. Observations and measurements are essential elements in these investigations, and form the final part of the geotechnical investigation.


Our geotechnical laboratory offers high quality testing of soil samples. The results and their correct interpretation of these tests allow for a more accurate geotechnical design.
They result in a better understanding of soil behaviour, for design and construction phase of the project under consideration.

Studies and Advice


The results of both in situ and lab tests form the basis of geotechnical studies and advice. The geotechnical aspect (role and behaviour of the soil) of the infrastructure designs are put to study. Problems regarding bearing capacity, stability and deformation, ... of the soil are solved based on calculations using advanced models and expert judgement.