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Tunnel in Aalst

In the autumn of 2015 the construction works for the tunnel in the Siesegemlaan will start. The tunnel is to be built under the intersection of the Gentsesteenweg and de Siesegemlaan for  transit traffic. GEO was involved in the geotechnical investigation and the choice of the construction method for the tunnel. During the construction works several parameters will be monitored, such as deformations and strains in the diaphragm wall and the waterlevel in the vicinity of the tunnel.

Visualisatie Tunnel Aalst

Renovation of the Royer Lock

The design of a thorough renovation of the Royers Lock in Antwerp is put to study. The lock will be completely renovated, resulting in important increase of length and width of the lock. GEO is responsible for the coordination and execution of the geotechnical investigation. We also contribute to the drawing up of the dossier, with plans and specifications. During the execution of the renovation works, we will give geotechnical support and monitor the behavior of the soil and the lock. The renovation works will start in 2017.

AutoCAD-plan toekomst Royerssluis

Scheldt quays

In the context of the Antwerp Masterplan, the historic quay walls in Antwerp must be stabilized. In order to draw up the geotechnical dossier, all available geological and geotechnical data were collected. Use was also made of the Subsoil Database Flanders Service (DOV). Based on the archived data, a comprehensive program was prepared for in situ tests, laboratory testing and monitoring in the field. Analysis of the obtained data was used to establish and characterize the ground layer structure.


Renovation of the Vandamme Lock

The doors and the gate chambers of the Vandamme lock in Zeebrugge are due for full servicing after 30 years. The draining of the gate chambers is monitored with different monitoring techniques. Here both the movement of the lock and the influence of the lowering of the water table on the environment are closely observed.


The construction of the Deurganckdock lock is one of the largest building sites currently being worked on in Belgium. In order to draw up the design, a comprehensive testing program was conducted by the Geotechnics Division. Geotechnical design calculations were also made, with particular attention paid to the swell of the Boom clay. We are also closely involved with the execution of the project. Geotechnical follow up of activities on the site linked with an intensive monitoring program for the estimation of the swell of the Boom Clay, was a challenge.