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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


The Geotechnical department wants to be the expert and reliable partner for high-quality geotechnical surveys and studies; to achieve this it applies the most suitable testing and computational techniques. As a knowledge centre Geotechnics acts as a guide for advanced testing and geotechnical expertise in Flanders.


The Geotechnical division provides high quality geotechnical support to internal and external customers:

1.the development of specific geotechnical research programmes to identify soil conditions
2. . the carrying out of in situ geotechnical tests to identify the nature, layer structure and characteristics of the soil
3. the carrying out of in situ measurements to determine deformations, soil and water pressures
4. the carrying out of geotechnical laboratory tests on soil samples taken from the field to further determine the geotechnical characteristics of the soil
5. the carrying out of geotechnical studies concerning stability, deformation and water flow in and around structures in contact with the ground
6. providing advice on the quality and bearing capacity of the soil and foundation techniques
7. participation in project teams for major infrastructure works
8. contributing to harmonization and standardization concerning geotechnical design methods and test methods at national and international level++
9. as a partner in the Subsoil Database Flanders project organising optimal management of available geotechnical data.

In addition to its own full own interpretation of these tasks, GEO also exercises a controlling and coordinating role with regard to tests carried out by third parties for departments of the Flemish government.

The range of services offered allows the correct assessment of the geotechnical preconditions for a project and their translation into a sound design on the one hand, and to carry out controls or contribute to the solution of problem situations on the other. The department also wants to be the Geotechnics knowledge centre for Flanders, with a specific focus on advanced testing and innovative techniques.