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Full scale field test pile driveability in Antwerp

ABSTRACT The closing of the ring around Antwerp (Belgium) was put to study by BAM. The construction of two-layer tunnels necessitate
excavations up to great depth. Purpose of this unprecedented (sheet)pile driving test was to assess performance of state of the art top
range (sheet)pile driving equipment, soil resistance and specific techniques to be used in the Antwerp area. A special focus was on the
dense glauconite sands. The retrevievability also had to be put to the test. From the tests it was learned that full length pre-drilling by means
of an auger provided the best results for pile (sheet)pile driving, in terms of depth, duration and retrievability. On a larger scale, no deviation
in cone resistance or friction has been encountered. At the steel surface a 3 cm thick clay plaster was visible after retrieval of the sheetpiles,
caused by the manipulation of the glauconite. Vibration levels and settlements were acceptable at a 15 m distance.